Admissions FAQ

How do I apply to the School of Fine Arts?

In order to be considered, you must complete the common application for admission to the University of Connecticut. In addition, you must submit all supporting materials to the appropriate department.

Are there specific requirements for the School of Fine Arts?

Programs in the School of Fine Arts require additional components paired with the undergraduate application for admission consideration. Admission decisions will not be made until the Office of Undergraduate Admissions receives the results of your additional requirement. Electronic submission through SlideRoom is available for all Fine Arts majors. An in person audition is required for all Music and Acting applicants.

What is the deadline for submitting my materials?

The common application deadline for the University is January 15th. The deadline for portfolio submission is also January 15th.

Will I receive feedback on my audition or portfolio?

No. Neither the School of Fine Arts nor the Office of Undergraduate Admissions provides any feedback on auditions or portfolios. Decisions cannot be communicated over the phone.

When will I hear the results of my audition or portfolio review?

Once we make our recommendations from the School of Fine Arts, the University Admissions office makes a holistic review of all of your application materials, including the common application and the recommendation from the appropriate department in Fine Arts. You will receive one decision letter from the University of Connecticut Undergraduate Admissions Office by March 1st. Applications completed after January 15th will receive notification after March 1st on a rolling basis.

Do I have to be admitted to the University before I can be considered by the School of Fine Arts?

No, the University of Connecticut reviews your application for admission after receiving the recommendation from the School of Fine Arts. In order to be admitted to the School of Fine Arts you must meet the academic standards and requirements of the University of Connecticut.

What if I am admitted to the University but not to the School of Fine Arts program to which I applied?

You may be admitted to a second choice major. If no second choice major has been selected in the application, we provide you an offer to the ACES program. To learn more about ACES visit

In addition, if you are interested in two different majors in Fine Arts, we do require two separate portfolios or auditions.