Temporary Rule Change for Pass/Fail Grading and Withdrawal

Pursuant to a University Senate vote to amend the requirement for Pass/Fail, effective for spring semester 2020 only, the usual limitations on undergraduate students for electing to take courses at Storrs and regional campuses on a Pass/Fail basis will be suspended.

Pass/Fail Request Form

You should SPEAK TO YOUR ADVISOR and consider the following points before submitting Spring 2020 Pass/Fail Request form

  • Major/Minor Requirements. All spring 2020 fine arts courses (ART, ARTH, DMD, DRAM, FINA and MUSI), whether required or elective for the various School of Fine Arts majors and minors can be put on Pass/Fail and used to fulfill the fine arts major and minor requirements.
  • If you are pursuing an additional degree or a minor in a school or college other than Fine Arts, please review their requirements regarding which courses may count toward their majors and minors if taken Pass/Fail. Information for each school/college can be found here: https://registrar.uconn.edu/pass-fail-spring-2020/
  • Accreditation/Licensure. Students should be mindful that courses placed on Pass/Fail may not count towards accreditation or licensure in certain areas. This decision should be discussed with your advisor.
  • General Education Requirements. General Education courses which are taken Pass/Fail during the spring 2020 semester will count toward the general education requirements.
  • Graduate-level Requirements. If you are in an integrated or dual Bachelor’s/Master’s program, you should be mindful that courses placed on Pass/Fail cannot be used to meet Graduate School requirements. This decision should be discussed with your advisor.
  • Limits. Students may place as many classes on Pass/Fail for the spring 2020 semester as desired and discussed with their advisor. Pass/Fail courses from the spring 2020 Semester will not count toward the three-course limit. The 26-credit and scholastic probation restrictions are suspended.
  • Dean’s List. If a course is placed on pass/fail, you still complete the course and it is graded in the usual way by the instructor, and the instructor submits a letter grade. On your transcript, this letter grade is translated into a ‘P’ (‘D-‘or above) or an ‘F’. A course taken on Pass/Fail is not included in the computation of the semester or cumulative GPA, but a grade below ‘C’ makes the student ineligible for the Dean’s List.
  • Repeat Forgiveness. If you are repeating a course this semester, be mindful of the Repeat Forgiveness rules. The credits will be counted towards the spring 2020 credit total, but grade points will not be included in the GPA calculation if you decide to place a repeated course on Pass/Fail. The registered credit and grade for the prior completion of the course shall remain on the transcript, but shall be removed from the GPA and credit calculation.
  • Deadline. Students may place or remove a class from Pass/Fail grading through May 15, 2020.
  • The link to the on-line Spring 2020 Pass/Fail Request form can be found here: https://registrar.uconn.edu/pass-fail-spring-2020/


Withdrawing from spring 2020 courses

Withdrawing from a course or two requires a conversation between you and your fine arts advisor as it may have impacts on a number of considerations, including financial aid, eligibility for the Dean’s List, etc. Additionally, students in cohorts that have additional certification requirements (i.e. professional licensure, NCAA eligibility, etc.) may be impacted by this decision. You must speak to your fine arts advisor prior to taking action.

You should email your fine arts advisor to start this process if you have decided to withdraw from a spring 2020 class.

If you would like to withdraw from one course, you will need permission from your fine arts advisor.

If you would like to withdraw from more than one class, you will need: permission from your fine arts advisor and Assistant Dean Eva Gorbants (for Storrs campus students) or your academic/student services director (for regional campus students) Your fine arts advisor can assist you in routing this request using uconn.edu email.

Information on withdrawing from the entire spring 2020 semester can be found at the Dean of Students website. https://dos.uconn.edu/