2021 SFA Virtual Commencement

A Message from Anne D’Alleva, Dean, School of Fine Arts

2021 Banner Carrier | Devin Quinn

Each year, the role of banner carrier rotates departments. The student with the highest cumulative grade point average in that department is given the honor of carrying the School of Fine Arts banner as they lead the procession into the Commencement Ceremony. This year’s department is Digital Media & Design, and this year’s banner carrier is Devin Quinn.

2021 Class Print

Each year, the Art & Art History faculty in printmaking select a graduating senior to produce a limited edition print to honor the graduating class. This year’s class print artist is Rhiannon Zergiebel.

Artist Statement

Blue Skies, 2021, photopolymer letterpress print on paper, editioned on an antique Vandercook press.

This print portrays a fantastical garden, packed with birds, flowers, bees and a chrysalis. The drawing, initially springing from a stream of consciousness approach, has coalesced into a distinct, graphic image; one that symbolizes hope for the future.

Being masked for over a year due to the pandemic, we have needed to rely on greater eye- contact; to search for the subtleties of expression; and to better comprehend the message and meaning in conversations. In this print I drew the birds’ eyes to look almost human, peering out with knowing looks, as if they might sympathize with those who have experienced tragedy and loss. These birds can also symbolize promise and celebration, as they are surrounded by flowers and capable of flying to faraway places. The butterfly cocoon under a leaf at the edge of the composition evokes a familiar yet relevant metaphor of transformation; during our time at UConn we have changed in so many ways. Students in the School of Fine Arts have shared a collective experience of learning and growth. Now it’s time to stretch our wings.


Artist Biography

Rhiannon Zergiebel is from Guilford, CT and is receiving her BFA degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Printmaking. She has won several awards for her artwork including the Gus and
D’Ann Mazzocca Award for Printmaking and the University Art Scholarship. Under the mentorship of Professor John O’Donnell, Rhiannon was chosen for the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Research Experience (SHARE) Award. Rhiannon’s prints, drawings, paintings, and animations explore ideas around memory, dreams, and story, as she looks for ways to make her stream of consciousness tangible.

From SFA’s Hearts to Yours

The entire School of Fine Arts community, including alumni, donors, faculty, staff, and friends, all extend our warmest wishes to the class of 2021. Although we’re not physically together to celebrate commencement today, we look forward to seeing everything you accomplish as you enter the world as a Husky alum! Check out these messages from some of your many supporters!

Online Exhibitions



Art + Art History MFA Exhibition



Digital Media & Design BFA Senior Exhibition

Art + Art History BFA Exhibition

Digital Media & Design MFA Exhibition

2021 Undergraduates

Note:  Italics indicate December 2020 graduates; as with last year, * is for New England Scholars, BOLD is for Babbidge Scholars

Art & Art History

Bachelor of Arts (Art History)
Cassandra Calabrese, Aries Peralta, Amalia Skoparantzos*, Junyao Yu*


Bachelor of Arts (Studio Art)
Rebecca Bidus, Camille Marguerite Cross, Bogdana Faryna, Andrew Kuhn, Thomas Mancini, Isabel Pollish, Kristen Setter, Rebecca Christine Thompson, Jiawen Wang


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Graphic Design)
Michaela Riel Abate*, Luke Blodgett, Emily Karam*, Darrell Knighton, Ally Maccio, Olivia Pelzar, Will Schultz, Olivia Sommo, Sarah Woodward


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Illustration/Animation)
Elliot Hopwood
, Amanda Maitan, Ava Noelle Murphy, Isabelle Molly Resil*, Natalie Resto, Henry Wheelock, Miranda Wright


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Individualized Studies)
Gordon Markman


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting/Drawing)
Joan D’Urban Mullins, Shannon Stewart, Fatima Tuziahrah


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Photography & Video)
Deilyn Foster
, Rachel Santostefano, Emma Simard, Amanda Tierney


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Printmaking)
Brock Sanford, Rhiannon Ruby Zergiebel

Digital Media & Design

Bachelor of Arts (2D Animation)
Antonio Ariola*, John Ballou, James Campbell-Gibson, Matthew Delmiche*, Jonathan Goodrich*, Mitchell Al Lisowski, Liam McNeece, Krista Mitman, Rogelio Santana*


Bachelor of Arts (3D Animation)
Maradona Cadet
, Christopher William Holguin, Sean Mathieu, Jonathan Pico*, Julianna Rodrigues


Bachelor of Arts (Digital Game Design)
Joshua Max Hirshfield*, Devin Quinn, Michael Russell


Bachelor Arts (Digital Humanities)
Aidan Brueckner, Matthew Gatchalian, Bridget Sweeney*


Bachelor of Arts (Digital Media Strategies for Business)
Justin Anderson-Locascio*, Natalie Brassinga, Anna Chanyarakskul, Grace Coll, Emilee Daddio, Juliana D’Elia, Rosalie Garcia, Christina McDonnell*, Ciara McElroy, Natalie Moncada, Sebastian Nowogrodzki, Jennifer Pehota, Charles Penny, Jospeh Vincent Schiro, Brittany Shuster*, Ryan Suh*, Tiffany Amelia Terilli, Brynn Thomas, Ryan Young*


Bachelor of Arts (Digital Media & Design)
Kimberly Mcguire


Bachelor of Arts (Web & Interactive Media Design)
Tyler Burke, Harrison Burr*, Tevin Cheatham*, Dave Ferrer, Angel Gorrio, Kyleigh Hillerud, Eva Kang*, Alexander Frederick Kunze*, Devyn William Lowry, Julia Padget*, Cristian Pimienta*, Clark Reilly, Kira Traver*, Réchelle Williamson*


Bachelor of Fine Arts (2D Animation)
Andrea Blanco, Michael Dozois, Isaiah ET Edwards*, Nicole Ellis, Jeremy Gonzalez, Cassidy Jane Keller, Akari Ohashi*, Gillian Partyka, Jakub Pirog, Car “Los” Rivera, Marcella Vertefeuille*


Bachelor of Fine Arts (3D Animation)
Destin Brown, Alisia Gruendel*, Katelyn Jepsen, Lynette Muse, Carly Wanner-Hyde*


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Digital Film/Video Production)
Anthony Zor*


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Digital Game Design)
Meaghan Doherty, Mackenzie Fox

Dramatic Arts

Bachelor of Arts (Theatre Studies)
Julius Cruz, Willow Giannotti-Garlinghouse, Bethany Rodriguez, Dorryen Sceviour


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting)
Sophia Ancona, Matthew Bader, Graceann Brooks, Megan Casagrande, Ethan Caso, Camille Fortin, Tyler Nowakowski*, Casey Wishna


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Design & Technical Theatre)
David Calamari*, Ray Dondero, Mackenzie Lynn Gauthier*, Alexandra Jean Ose


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Puppetry)
Elise Vanase*


Bachelor of Arts (Bassoon)
Brian Shaw


Bachelor of Arts (Clarinet)
Jamie Bailey, Tyler Langworthy


Bachelor of Arts (Euphonium)
Vanessa Estelle Menendez


Bachelor of Arts (Flute)
Natalie Wong


Bachelor of Arts (Jazz)
Blake Henry


Bachelor of Arts (Music History)
Jillian Klucznik, Claire Pawlewitz


Bachelor of Arts (Oboe)
Jonathan Elmer


Bachelor of Arts (Piano)
Niccolò Meniconi


Bachelor of Arts (Saxophone)
Turner Rodman


Bachelor of Arts (Trombone)
Luke Conklin, Nicholas Stanton


Bachelor of Arts (Trumpet)
Philip Kozan, Emily VanRyswood


Bachelor of Arts (Viola)
Gabrielle Ger


Bachelor of Arts (Violin)
Karlee Cummings, Xioran Rachel Tan


Bachelor of Arts (Voice)
Erin Brochu, Cassie Caron*, Katheryn Marion Madrak, William Mandelbaum, Hannah Katherine Maynard, Rebekah Mizener, Odanice Olibrice, Valeria Toro


Bachelor of Music (Music Composition)
Claire Pawlewitz
, Ian Forest Sauco


Bachelor of Music (Music Theory)
Dominic Parrella*


Bachelor of Music (Vocal Performance)
Kilani Moore


Bachelor of Music (Voice)
Olivia J Dallape


Bachelor of Music (Voice Performance & Music Composition)
Abigail Sybil Gilson

2021 Graduates


Master of Fine Arts:
Joseph Caster, Shelby Charlesworth, Rachel Dickson, Shawn Michael, Martha Pawlowski


Digital Media & Design

Master of Arts:
Ryan Quigley, Maria Raykova

Master of Fine Arts:
Emma Atkinson, Yucheng Hang, Hongju Lim, Wechao Lou, Claudia Nunez, Renoj Varghese

Dramatic Arts

Master of Arts in Acting:
Thomas Morgan

Master of Arts in Performance/Production:
Chandler Caroccio

Master of Fine Arts in Arts Administration:
Justin Chapman, Terence Lacasse, Haw-Chen Wu

Master of Fine Arts in Design:
Samuel Biondolillo, Zachary Broome, Xurui Wang

Master of Fine Arts in Design/Puppetry:
Kevin Smith

Master of Fine Arts in Puppetry:
Felicia Cooper, Robert Cutler

Master of Fine Arts in Technical Direction:
Aubrey Ellis, Kimberley Kinan


Master of Arts in Music Theory:
Liana Stampalia

Master of Music in Conducting:
Anthony Pandolfe

Master of Music in Performance:
Nadia Aguilar-Steinberg, Angela Garcia Clark, Adiel Najera, Kara Williams

Doctor of Musical Arts in Performance:
Evan Glickman, Caroline O’Dwyer, Mo Tian

Doctor of Philosophy in Music Theory & History:
Laura Hibbard