Major Emergencies Dial 911 for:

  • Fire
  • Major flooding
  • Hazardous materials incident
  • Elevator failure
  • Gas or other toxic related fumes

Call the Facilities Emergency Line at 6-3113 or 6-3114 for:

  • Flooding or leaks (if requiring immediate attention)
  • Heating and cooling problems (if requiring immediate attention, e.g. pipe breaks, insufficient heating or cooling, strange noises or odors from vents)
  • Broken locks, windows, or doors (if it presents an immediate security issue)
  • Toilet stopped working and/or clogged
  • Power outage


For All Other Facility Issues:

Work Order Control Ticket is entered: https://aim.uconn.edu/request

  • Minor leaks, drips or clogged drains (if it can wait a few hours)
  • Heating and cooling problems (if it is not urgent, e.g. maintenance of valves)
  • Broken locks, windows, doors (if it is not endangering persons or property)
  • Lightbulbs, paper towels, toilet paper
  • Non-hazardous spills, such as coffee in the hallway
  • Snow/Ice Issues
  • Gaining access to rooms and offices
  • Moving or removing large items (1)
  • Getting new keys or changing locks (1)(2)
  • Setup for on-campus events (1)
  • Routine upkeep or repairs
  • Any other minor maintenance requests (e.g., hanging pictures, aesthetic paint color change), please seek the permission of the appropriate Department Head


(1) Will be a charge to the requesting department and needs prior authorization of the Department Head

(2) Needs prior authorization of Assistant Dean/COO


Contact your department’s facilities coordinator for further work order assistance:

Department Coordinator - 

Art & Art History – TBD Ballard Institute & Museum of Puppetry - Emily Wicks
Dramatic Arts (Academic areas) – TBD Benton Museum - Kerry Smith
Music – TBD Jorgensen Performing Arts Center - Gary Yatskis
Digital Media & Design – TBD von der Mehden – TBD
Dean's Office – TBD CRT Theatres – TBD


Facilities Reservation Requests:

  • J. Louis von der Mehden Recital Hall – TBD
  • Jorgensen Center for Performing Arts -- Gary Yatskis
  • Art Building Conference Room 222 – TBD
  • Dean's Office Conference Room – TBD
  • Fine Arts Seminar Room (First Floor) – TBD
  • Fine Arts Seminar Room (Basement Floor) – TBD
  • Fine Arts Seminar Room (Basement Floor) – TBD


Space Reassignment or Facility Renovation/New Project Request:

Contact your respective department head or director first. These projects will then need to be discussed and planned with the Assistant Dean/COO.


*** If you are having trouble resolving an issue through these channels, contact the main Dean's Office line for further assistance (6-3016) ***