Student Funding Opportunities

Many funding opportunities exist for students in the School of Fine Arts.

For both the Marks Family Endowment and Zachs Award, students must submit an application that includes a project description and detailed budget.

Students applying for these two funds are strongly encouraged to attend a Grants Workshop offered by Dean Anne D'Alleva. This session will help students learn how to develop a project, write an effective proposal, and create an accurate budget. SFA students will receive an email invitation to these workshops.

Please note that recipients are required to submit a report assessing their projects upon completion. Failure to do so may affect recipients' eligibility for other awards and funding within the School of Fine Arts.

Sample Project Budget Proposal

Sample Application

Sample Outcome Report

New! Krenicki Arts & Engineering Scholarships

Deadline April 10, 2020 at 5 p.m.

The School of Engineering and the School of Fine Arts are pleased to announce a new undergraduate scholarship program, the Krenicki Arts & Engineering Scholarships. This program is made possible by the generosity of alumni John Krenicki (Mechanical Engineering) and Donna Krenicki (Graphic Design), and is an initiative of the new Krenicki Arts & Engineering Institute, which seeks to promote creative collaborations between the two fields.

Four scholarships may be awarded for the academic year 2020–2021, two to students in the School of Engineering and two to students in the School of Fine Arts. Each Krenicki Scholar will receive a scholarship of $5000. In addition, they will form part of a cohort who will meet on a regular basis to discuss their academic and creative work, and to participate in activities centered in the Krenicki Arts & Engineering Institute, including workshops, visiting speakers, and other events.

Applications are invited from undergraduate students pursuing majors in either the School of Engineering or the School of Fine Arts who currently have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. Applicants should be able to demonstrate existing interests in both engineering and the arts, broadly defined, and a desire to explore further this intersection.

How to Apply:

Applicants should submit a single PDF document including the following information and supporting material:

  1. Name, address, phone, email, major, minor (if any), expected year of graduation, cumulative GPA, and the name of one faculty member who has agreed to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf.
  2. A brief explanation (250 words max.) of your interest and background in the intersection of the arts and engineering, including any relevant courses or activities in which you have been involved, particular outside of your major field.
  3. A two-page resumé.

Questions about the application process may be directed to Associate Dean Alain Frogley, School of Fine Arts.

The deadline for applications is 5 p.m. on Friday, April 10. Applications should be submitted by email to with the subject header "Krenicki scholarship application." The name of the attached file should be "[your name] Krenicki application." Letters of recommendation should also be sent to Alain's email address.


School of Fine Arts Endowments, Grants, & Scholarships

Marks Family Endowment in Fine Arts

Deadline April 13, 2021

The Marks Family Endowment in Fine Arts enables School of Fine Arts undergraduate or graduate students, as part of their academic program, to perform, exhibit, or work in professional venues throughout the State of Connecticut.  In past years award amounts have ranged from $500 to $5,000.

This award will be given to a student, or group of students, who designs a unique program, exhibition, or performance plan to be presented at venues in the State of Connecticut. Individual faculty and/or Departments may work with students to develop these projects, or students may develop them independently. For example, a proposal could include involvement with a professional theatre, orchestra, opera company, art museum, or gallery. The proposals should be creative, imaginative, and broad-reaching. Special consideration will be given to those proposals that foster “real life” professional performance experience, professional support related projects or visual artistic work/exhibitions.

Complete an application form today.


Robley Whitson Scholarship

A man of boundless curiosity and independent thought, Robley Whitson fostered creative learning communities wherever he went. Learn more about his scholarship by clicking the link above, and see work from this upcoming academic year's scholarship recipients.


Zachs Award

Deadline April 13, 2020

The 2020 Zachs Award is a $3000 award given to a School of Fine Arts undergraduate or graduate student for an artistic or educational project. The recipient must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 of higher. Candidates who have previously received the Zachs Award will not be eligible for a subsequent Zachs Award. This award is open to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled full-time for the Fall term in the school.

Complete an application form today.


University Wide Opportunities

UConn IDEA Grants: Imagine / Develop / Engage / Apply

UConn IDEA Grants of up to $4000 are available to support self-designed projects, including artistic products, community service initiatives, entrepreneurial ventures, creative endeavors and research projects. The Program is open to UConn undergraduates in all majors at all campuses, and applications are accepted from individuals and small groups. UConn IDEA Grant projects begin with an application, are developed during a period of planning, require a period of focused engagement, and end with public presentations.


OUR Supply Awards

OUR Supply Awards fund undergraduate researchers for up to $500 for research expenses. Students may use award funds to cover costs associated with their research projects, such as supplies and/or consumables in the laboratory or studio, printing and copying, or software. Students may not receive funds for living expenses during the academic year or for charges incurred for the UConn courses in which they are enrolled. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and awards are made until funds are exhausted. (In other words, apply early!)


SHARE Awards (Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Research Experience)

The SHARE program supports undergraduate research apprenticeships in the social sciences, humanities, and arts. SHARE is designed especially for students in the earlier stages of their college careers as an introduction to research in a chosen field and to develop the skills needed for further research projects. Applications are made in Fall Semester. During the Spring semester, student apprentices will receive a $1,500 stipend, and faculty mentors will receive a $500 professional development stipend.


SURF Awards (Summer Undergraduate Research Fund)

SURF awards support full-time undergraduate students who are engaged in summer research or creative projects under the supervision of a University of Connecticut faculty member. SURF awards are available to students in all majors at all UConn campuses. The deadline is early in the spring semester; awards are made for the summer. The maximum total amount awarded for SURF awards is $4,000 ($3,500 stipend for the student researcher and up to $500 for consumables associated with the project).