COVID-19 Resources

The University of Connecticut plans to reopen campus in fall 2020. The University is dedicated to working together with public health experts and our state to maintain a quality UConn educational experience while keeping our community healthy.

We in SFA look forward to welcoming our new and returning students, faculty, and staff as we open our campuses this fall. Please see the UConn Reopening website below for detailed information for students, faculty, and staff.

Please review the following policies and procedures for resuming research on campus or for requesting limited one-day facility access for non-research related purposes. Information is up to date as of June 25, 2020, but is subject to adaption according to state and federal guidance.

school of fine arts research ramp up policies
limited one-day sfa facility access for non-research activity
fine arts industry-specific covid-19 resources

Operational Policies and Procedures

Gating conditions for contracted artists or professionals (non-payroll professional services) reentering campus


  • Piano tuner
  • Models for figure drawing and painting
  • On-campus guest lecturer/artist
  • On-campus equity/non-equity actor or Director on a purchasing contract

Department should:

  • Limit visitation if possible
  • Consider number of individuals in determining occupancy limitations.
  • Implement contactless deliveries/visitations if possible.
  • Remind visitors of the University’s requirements on physical distancing and use of face coverings while on campus.
  • Remind visitors of the need for health screening prior to coming to campus.


Vendor (Art Professional) should:

  • Complete the Return to Campus Training and submit a copy of their certificate to the Dean’s Office
  • Submit a copy of a negative COVID-19 test to the Dean’s Office
  • Follow the guidance provided on all exterior and interior signage relating to COVID-19 throughout all UConn campuses and extensions

Find updated guidelines here.

How to ship materials to off-campus students

In-State Students:

  • Supplies can be sent directly to students in-state
  • Try to use HuskyBuy as your first point of purchase
    • Preferred method where you will be able to enter a remote address location.
  • Pro-Cards may be utilized as an alternate purchase method and shipped to a remote location within CT with documented approval prior to purchasefrom your Department Head, Fiscal Officer and Pro-Card Administrator.
    • Depending on the purchase, it may be subject to further review by the AVP of University Business Services and AVP & Controller. Instructions on how secure this approval can be found here.


Out-of-State Students:

  • Supplies cannot be sent directly to students out-of-state due to UConn’s tax exempt status
  • In this example, class materials will need to be purchased either through HuskyBuy or a Pro-Card and then shipped to the department’s campus location first.  Items will then need to be re-shipped to students who live out-of-state.


(1)The purchase of office furniture and equipment, computers, laptops, IPads, copiers, and scanners are not considered low-dollar, educational and research supplies and require a documented pre-approval from your Department Head, Fiscal Officer and review and approval from the Pro-Card Administrator.  These items may also be subject to further review by the AVP of University Business Services and AVP & Controller.
(2) The HuskyBuy Purchasing Request Pre-Approval process must be followed in advance of any purchasing.