Masks On, UConn! | A Contest to Promote Mask Compliance

Open to All UConn Students

Write a song, design a poster, make a .gif or meme, or shoot a short video about the importance of wearing a mask to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, then submit your entry to Your idea could win a CASH PRIZE!


Who May Enter:

All UConn School of Fine Arts undergraduate students are invited to participate either as individual entrants, or in collaboration with students from other colleges across campus. All teams that enter must have one SFA student on the team. One prize will be given per winning team or individual. 

(Example: A team of students from SFA, CLAS, and NEAG may enter together, but a CLAS and NEAG student could not enter without an SFA student on the team. SFA students may enter by themselves.)


How It Works:

  • Incorporate CDC guidelines and One UConn Promise language into the project:
    • Wear a mask or face covering.
    • Maintain at least six feet of physical distancing.
    • Wash my hands often—for at least 20 seconds— or use hand sanitizer frequently.
    • Follow university rules regarding gathering sizes, pedestrian traffic patterns, and other new regulations designed to promote safety and good health.
    • Monitor daily for COVID-19 symptoms and inform health services or my healthcare provider regarding any changes in my health status
    • Commit to medical isolation, quarantine, or other medical direction when advised to do so by a healthcare provider.
    • Attend to University communications regarding COVID-19 updates.
    • Maintain all immunizations including an annual flu vaccine.  
  • Project submission formats may be GIF, PDF, image files, video files, or links to files on Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive. If sending a link, please be sure that has permission to view the file.
  • A brief statement may be included in the body of your email to add context to how you developed your project, but is not required.
  • One submission per team or individual
  • Submissions due to no later than 6 p.m. on Wednesday, August 26, with “Masks On, UConn entry” in the email subject line. If you worked in a team, please include the names of everyone on your team in the email.


A winner and two runner-ups will be chosen to receive cash prizes!