Limited One-Day Request for Non-Research Access to SFA Facilities

STEP 1: Read the University COVID-19 Safety Notice

covid-19 safety notice

STEP 2: Complete the Facility Access for SFA Non-Research Activity

  1. Complete all sections of the form, e-sign, then submit.
  2. Submit request at least 48 business hours in advance of desired date. Requests will be reviewed and processed between the hours of 9 a.m.-3 p.m. each business day.
This form is NOT intended to be used for resuming research activity on campus. Please follow the SFA Research Ramp Up procedures that will be forthcoming once approved by the OVPR. Please remember that this form serves as a request only. All requests must be approved before access is granted. A typical response time to your request will be 24–48 business hours, but may vary based upon request.
  • If others will be present during your visit, please list name(s) and contact number or email address for each person. If not, leave blank.
    NameContact Number or Email 
  • Buildings with physical locks will be managed through the University Locksmith Office. Upon approval, a temporary key will be made available and can be retrieved within their office at 25 LeDoyt Rd, Storrs, CT. The Locksmith Office is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.–3 p.m. Please utilize their key dropbox if you cannot return the key within their scheduled hours (located on the exterior of the Facilities Operations building).
    DateArrival TimeDeparture TimeBuildingLocation/Room Number
    Prohibited access includes the following scenarios: performing regular job-related duties, work that involves employing student staff onsite, conducting face-to-face meetings, rehearsals, and events of any kind.
  • In submitting this request I confirm that the work I wish to undertake is essential as defined in the guidelines above. I understand that any failure to follow mandated SFA and University policies relating to the COVID-19 pandemic may result in the curtailment or removal of any access that may be granted in response to this request.