SFA Project Completion Grant 2023-2024

University of Connecticut
School of Fine Arts Project Completion Grant 2023-2024


The School of Fine Arts Project Completion Grant is intended to assist with the completion of projects of superior artistic and scholarly merit that will result in high-profile publications, exhibitions, performances, and other creative activity. On occasion faculty encounter unforeseen expenses essential to the completion of an existing project (e.g. unexpected increases in costs of materials or personnel, or shortfalls in other anticipated financial support), or additional needs or opportunities arise to promote an existing project that require assistance outside the funding cycles of other grants offered by the OVPR or the SFA. Applications will be reviewed by the Dean, in consultation with the applicant’s Department Head. For this year’s competition a total of $20,000 will be available to the SFA faculty for scholarly research and creative practice projects. We are extremely grateful to the Office of the Vice President for Research for providing the generous funding that has enabled us to establish this new program.


Tenured/tenure-track and in-residence faculty. (We are unfortunately unable to accept proposals from Emeritus faculty, given limited funds and the need to prioritize the work of faculty whose research/creative activity is evaluated as part of PTR and merit processes.)


Although the quality of a project will be the primary criterion, preference will be given to projects that have already received funding from other sources (e.g REP, SFA Research Grant, external grant) to support earlier stages of the work. .


Requests may be submitted for grants of between $500 and $5000.


Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis, until the entire fund balance has been committed. Decisions will be made as soon as possible, but requests must be submitted at least four weeks before funds are needed (some categories of expenditure may require a longer lead-time: applicant should consult with the SFA Financial Services Office if unsure).

Format and Submission

Applicants should submit as a single document: (1) a brief description of the project and an explanation of why the funds are needed (300 words max.); (2) an itemized budget; and (3) details of prior or existing funding for this project. The document should be sent as either a Word or PDF attachment to Interim Dean Alain Frogley (alain.frogley@uconn.edu), with the subject line 'SFA Project Completion Grant 2023-2024 application.'